1. teach more, not less, content to poor, urban children

2. ensure all childrengain access to conventions/strategies essential to success in American society

3. whatevermethodology/instructional program used, demand critical thinking

4. provide the emotional ego strength to challenge racist societal views of the competence and worthiness of children and their families

5. recognize and build on children’s strengths

6. use familiar metaphors, analogies, and experiences from the children’s world to connect what children already know to school knowledge

7. create a sense of family and caring in the service of academic achievement

8. monitor/assess children’s needs and address them with a wealth of diverse strategies

9. honor and respect children’s home culture

10. foster a sense of children’s connection to community.

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Ingenious youth

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03 Dec 12 at 11 pm

Native American Students Highest Drop Out Rate in Public Schools, 40%

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American Flag

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American Flag

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Social class and educational attainment (by lizv74)

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Mr. Morgan, 10 Things I Hate About You

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Invisible People (Where’d Yo Go?) by Model Minority

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Cultural Misunderstanding

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Reflection on a teacher’s role

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The Message: by Grandmaster Flash (by chechkmyvids)

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